Table view not displaying properly in browser

I have a menu that I’ve set up to display as a Table. It works great on the phone and tablet, but it looks like a Deck view in the browser. I had switched to a table view to see all the options. Now, in the browser I can’t.

Does AppSheet automatically switch views based on device vs browser?

Table view in emulator. Looks just like this on my iPhone. This is what I want everywhere.

This is what it looks like in Chrome on my laptop. This is not what I want.

Not inherently, no.

The screenshots you’ve posted are of two entirely different views: Admin Menu and Menu Admin. Do you have views of those names in UX >> Views?


You are very observant. Yes, I had two views. I kept the old view until I made sure I like the new table view. For some reason, even though I had synced multiple times in the browser view, it didn’t bring in the latest structure.


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