Table view options

I’d like to suggest that table view options (currently only displayed in UX --> options) also be displayed in UX --> Views when “table” has been selected as the “View type,” even if they can’t be edited there. I think most veteran app editors are aware that they need to go to UX --> Options to change table settings such as “Show column headers,” “Use horizontal scrolling,” and “Right-align numeric columns.” However, it’s quite counterintuitive. Personally, I’ve worked with the “deck” view type a lot but I’m still learning about using the “table” view because it just hasn’t come up for me. Today, I was trying to figure out why sample apps had column headers and mine didn’t and finally found the answer in a response to a question on this forum. By the way, I noticed that several people have been confused by this separation. Here’s a comment I wrote today on one such thread (apologies for some overlap with what I’ve written above):

Reasonable request!

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