Table View - quick edit mode - extension of feature to add new rows

To give further user experience to my users who are using Appsheet app mostly on PC browser, I wish to have a new features to enhance the ability to easily add records through the table view.

Currently, adding new records action is always prompt to Form View so that user is asked to place new data through the form. On Table view with quick edit mode, we are able to directly add and edit data for existing records, but there is no ability to add new record from there. What I wish to have is kinds of MS Access interface, where there is always the blank record are available and then user can push the data into is, just like they are working on spreadsheet.

In case the user need to repeatedly input the data to the table, opening form is not always best interfact to them. They can more easily put data to the table records like they are working on spreadsheet.

Editing is fine, as it is solved by table view quick editing, but we are not able to add new rows from quick edit mode.

This will enhance the user experience of Appsheet users when they play around with App on desktop mode.

You could create that kind of feature with a combination of Deeplink & Data Change Workflow. Add a blank row (only ID value) to your table. Then create an “Add a new row to another table using values from this row” action. This action needs to add just the ID value like UNIQUEID(). If you now add a Workflow rule which trigger that action and the condition rule is like… COUNT(SELECT(TableName[ID],ISBLANK([Column])))=0, it will always add a new “blank” record if there are no “blank” records anymore.

Hi Aleksi,

Thank you, Yes, i do have not perfectly same arrangement, but I ve already putting such a feature in place on my app, but it wont solve the requirement from my clients fully, so lead to the feature request.
The point is i dont not want to employ workflow in this case, but let the user explicitly hit action to add new row.
For the moment, problem which make this impossible are ; ; -

  1. The Action button is not available on quick edit more for table view.
  2. The action button to add new rows is defined as ROW-LEVEL-ACTION. If it is NOT a row level action we can put the action as DISPLAY as OVERLAY, then make the action button on the table view right buttom corner and do add new row WITHOUT opening the form view. But add record through the “form” is action deemed as not a row level action. I need actually change this setting so that we can place the add new row to another table action as not-row-level action and then place to the table view, right bottom corner as overlay.
  3. Make this button keep available even the user goes to quick table mode on table view. When we turn on the quick edit mode, all the action button gone, not able to fire any action during the user on the quick edit mode.

Once those points are cleared, i do have workaround which will be able to fill the requirement from my clients to the full extent.

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May I ask why the Workflow is not an option in your case?

Thanks for asking.
There are few reasons.

First, app will take a while to recognize and reflect change on the background. Even to add the new row, the user need to wait for the workflow complete jobs on the backend, and then it also takes another time client (in this case,browser) reflect the change which happened on the backend.

For instance, adding new row to (same) table by action will immediately add new row to client and then add row to table on the backend. It is basically because of user experience issue. My client (i failed a deal though) was almost zero tolerance to wait for something, but it is understandable.

Second, i did have another service to add rows to this table through the API. This API operation let the user add bulk number of the row at one time. For instance, they add 1000 rows to the table through AppSheet API. I dont want to invoke workflow 1,000 time, but just want to add new row by Action when necessary!

but in general, I need to increase my apps user experience. To do that, I need to achieve here and there some sort of arrangement, CLIENT FIRST followed by BACKEND.

So when the change is made by user, the change wont be immidiately available to the client (browser) so I need to consider workaround to bring better experience to my app users.

Yes that would make sense.

Just quickly recorded screen to share what I precisely want to have.


Amazing, Need this Yesterday

really very important feature, i hope app sheet can deliver this very soon

Is there a way to navigate to another view within the app after saving quick edit in table view?

Thank you!

Has anyone had any additional thoughts on this? The workflow Aleksi gave does work, but it requires the user to hit save in the quick edit table before a new row is created. This does not work well if they’re needing to add multiple rows. I suppose I could have multiple “blank” rows available but I also need them to be project specific so that would be a lot of “blank” rows.