Table view screwed up? Video included

Hi all :slightly_smiling_face:

Anyone else experience this issue? Super simple - I have a list of categories that display fine in deck mode, but use up lots of white space around them.

So I switch to “table” mode. And suddenly the names disappear and it shows a random other column from the table (one that has yes/no contents, but often blank). I can’t seem to override this behavior. What’s going wrong? Here’s a video of it:

I thought also of trying to adjust the appearance of the Deck view, to remove the white space. But that wasn’t successful either lol


Deck views and table views are different. Deck views display 3 different fields and an image field while table views just display columns side by side.

Within the column order section you should be able to pick your fields that you want to display.

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Thanks Austin! Yes, I’ve tried that, but it makes it go blank. Literally blank.

Either CompanyName is blank, or it is of type App, as suggested by these:

^If there is an inline action associated with the column then they will not show because the “action” is the “column” in a sense.


Austin you nailed it! It doesn’t make much sense to me - but yes this is what is happening. Weird.

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