Table view scroll bar

Table view has 5 columns which barely take up 2/3 of the screen yet the right hand scroll bar is just off the edge of the screen. Any fixes for this?

Screenshot, please?

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Escalated. Please also report this bug to

Thanks for reporting it. We have a fix on the way, I expect it should go out today.


@Adam same issue on a different app.

@Adam I was just going to post something new, but figured I’d tag on here since it’s related.

Can we get the vertical scroll bars to “stick” to the right side of the view?

  • I’ve got a table view that has some horizontal length to it - which makes getting to the scroll bar harder.
    • Even being able to SEE the scroll bar, and how big it is, can be helpful to people (it can show you how MUCH of whatever there is in the table/view).

partyparrot (Appsheet)


Yes, this is quite annoying… for years and years…

I know you run out your vote, but here it is.