Table Views to save space

Two things that I think would help solve the problem of table views being too big or hard to use

1 = On a per column basis, allow us to be able to choose the column width. Maybe even to specify a size, such as the overall % width of the table this column will have. Some columns contain a lot or text, which we need to see and others not. So a table-wide setting is sometimes not granular enough

2 = Allow us to have to two options for the display name. One to work in forms, detail views etc. The other to be used for tables. The rational behind is that sometimes in a form the display name is essentially a question, such as “Checked tyre pressures?”. Whereas in the table someting like “pressure” would be acceptable and save alot of space

I too would like to have more power to control the width of columns in tables. In regard to the second point, it’s already possible. Take this example:

In the table I use two-letter abbreviations to save space. When one taps on a record one sees more complete labels:

This is accomplished with “Context” expressions such as . . .

if(Context(“View”)=“My progress”,“NA”,“Number of cards to be added to next session”)

By the way, I’ve written a little about how to control column width (to the extent I can at this point, at least) here:

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Awesome @Kirk_Masden CONTEXT() is not something I’ve used before but ill definately give it a try!

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To the second point:
Is this not already available? :thinking:

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@Fabian I don’t know. As “Description” doesn’t really tell you much. And I can’t find any obvious documentation on it.

However… If this is accurate Column Description displayed instead of Display Name then that would work

But maybe we should rename them to:

Display name
Alternative name to use for this column

Form Name
Column name to use in Forms only, instead of display name

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I also got confused about “description” recently. It’s not very intuitive. The discussion below has a link to some documentation:

It’s true that the “Description” doesn’t explain it. But it’s meant to overwrite field name on a form view. If both Display name and description are used, the description wins on a form view.


It may not be worth changing at this point, but I think it might have been possible to give it another name, such as “Form view display name”, that would have been easier to understand.