Table Views Totals Row

For Table Views it would be good to have an option of displaying a Totals Rows at the top or bottom of the View.

For each column in the View (or Table) we could define if it to be included in the Totals Row as a Sum, Count,Average, Min, Max etc or not appear at all.

Should also be available at group level, if required.

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It could be done with actions only, without new appsheet features


I’m not sure how you’ve done this?
As Richard has said, a total row would also be needed when there are grouping of records in a table.

This is not a magic, but just a trick.
Will open up a new thread with tips and tricks category to explain.

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I just posted new thread for the benefit of this community.


Thanks for that, it’s a very interesting approach. Thank you. I will see if I can fit it in with my data.

I do have several columns, grouped by a variable number of groups.

I still think it’s reasonable to make feature request total rows though. For grouped tables Appsheet is already performing a calculation on one of the columns in the group.

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I’m a newby, and started to use Appsheet last week!

Thanks for the example, it will be usefull for another situation I have to resolve.

Still, if I compare with other tools that I know, the trick is a bit complicated (this is a workaround) for basic totals to be created. Also, I’m not sure if adding a row will be allowed on a SQL table having referential keys/or mandatory fields. Virtual column might have to be used in such a case.

I will continue my evaluation for Appsheet.


This is a trick for intermediate or advanced users I would say.

Any solutions whatever it is should require some sort of “skills” to do some advanced stuffs. I attended numbers of “tools” before, but Appsheet is only one solutions to solve problems we have in a flex manner.

There are bunch of no-code solutions, or even coding solutions in the market. There are pros/cons for each solution. It is purely depending on how everyone decide what is the best tool with them. I never disturb decision anyone (else) does, but in my humble opinion, Appsheet is so exceptional, and there is no other competitive tool in the market.

Just for me.

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