TABLE1 to TABLE2: append rows daily


this is my first post. We are thinking of switching App development platform, from MS PowerApps to AppSheet. PowerApps is unnecessarily difficult and less intuitive compared to AppSheet. We are starting to love AppSheet. Many thanks to the developers and related community.

We are building an attendance app.

We have a table called CURRENT_SCHEDULE with employees schedule that changes daily. Example:

NAME 0800am - 0800pm
NAME2 0900am - 0900pm
NAME3 1000am - 1000pm

At the end of our shift, we’d like a button to save the current schedule into a table called SAVED_SCHEDULES.

The new table is going to be


How can we import in bulk from CURRENT_SCHEDULE into SAVED_SCHEDULES ?

We a hundred employees, we need a bulk operation to save daily schedules.

So normally you wouldn’t move date between tables unless you had to. Normally what I’d do is show a filtered version of that data, which Appsheet calls a Slice

To move data automatically you have 3 options:

You can create a action of type “Add a new row to antother table using values from this row” to copy the data when something happens (e.g. press a button, record is saved). You could then group that with an action to delete the origional data

As above but use a workflow to trigger this when some specific data occurs

Or above finally use a Report to trigger the move based on a schedule e.g. 1800 each day

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Thank you for your reply. The objective is to copy data, not moving it, and appending multiple rows at once.

I am still not clear on how to copy one table into another one in bulk.

For example, Table1 has 10 rows, and I want to append all 10 rows into Table2 at once (not one by one).

Is this possible? If yes, how?

Any of the 3 options can move multiple rows. You use one action to choose the rows and another to copy them to another sheet. Then you’d need a 3rd action to delete the origional rows. Assuming you’re on the $10 per person licese I’d go for doing this at midnight each day

Ok thank you, I’ll try those options

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