_TABLENAME in a report


Is it possible to use _TABLENAME (or some other variable for the active table) in a select in a report? (I have tried many different ways and it doesn’t seem to work).

e.g. <<Start:OrderBy( Select(_TABLENAME[Id]…

I have a template that I want to reuse for 3 different reports and if I could use the _TABLENAME then I would only need one version of the report.


There is no such variable.

Hi Steve,

it says there is one in the docs https://help.appsheet.com/en/articles/969715-template-variables

However I did test it and it was blank, so I was wondering why it was blank. Has it been deprecated?

Could I do it with the _RULENAME variable since that exists? Or some other variable? I don’t mind naming the rule the same as the table name.


We don’t support using “_TABLENAME” in a Select expression. We allow it elsewhere in the body or attachment template, but not in a Select expression.

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Ok, thank you for your reply Philip.