Tables read only - form whit Slides updates

Hi, I need help with the following.
In my app I added a Slices, which inherits from an X table. This table is configured for read only. I need the form that is generated from the Slice, have the possibility of updates. Apparently this cannot be done since it takes the read-only property of table X that is read-only.
Is this so?

Can somebody help me?

Hi @Adolfo_Enrique_Lobos
You need to allow updates on your table the slice is made from.

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okay. I understand that. Thank you very much for your help.
But the table is used in a read-only form. If I enable updates on the table, the possibility of modifying this form is automatically enabled.
It is understood?

Yes, then make sure your slice enables updates.

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the problem is when save de change. go back to read only.

The access allowed to the slice cannot be greater than the access allowed to the table; a slice can reduce access but cannot increase access. To allow updates to the slice, the table must also allow updates.


OK thanks for the help. How can I do to create a form that uses the same table? that is, a form that is read-only, where the table data can be visualized, and another form where table data modifications can be made?

Thank you!

Swap how you’re currently trying to use the table and slice: use the slice (read-only) for the form, and the table (updates allowed) for modifications.