Tablet Shortcut Error/Complications

Hi all, our app users have been exeriencing some issues on android/iPad devices.

Our first issue was occuring when I used the install link to set up a couple of apps for our user. We had to use our own login to create the shortcut as opposed to getting other users details. So once the setup was completed we logged out and received this error.


When we hit retry we received this error on one occasion:

When you hit “Load App Gallery” it redirected to appsheet editor not the shortcut app previously setup.

This persisted the following day, we have a new user trying to logout of an old account and into there own and they keep getting redirected into the editor.

Desktop access has been fine.

Have other users been experiencing this issue when logging in/out?

All Help appreciated :slight_smile:

On my ipad, I can reproduce that first error and that’s a bug (see my screen grab below), can you tag this post as such, please?… I cannot get the “something has gone wrong” nor “editor loads instead of app gallery” item however.

Do you know what is causing the error you reproduced?