Tablet Syncing Issues

I’m having issues on one of our users tablet device, its an iPad.

The app continually syncs when opening and if the user gains access it will sync mid-form.
I have seen this before and advised the following:

  • App re-installed to device
  • Media deleted to free storages
  • Unecessary apps removed to free storage
  • Background syncing has been turned off (it seemed to improve the issue but only for a short period)
  • Software on tablet and appsheet itself checked for updates
  • Network provider has been contacted and issues on there end resolved

I’m out of ideas as to why this is persisting so all help would be appreciated, I have sent an email to support directly also.

Appsheet version is 13.10
iOS Software is 14.4

How long has the app been “mid-form”? Seconds? Minutes? Hours?

Hi Steve, to be honest I’m struggling to even get to that stage just opening the app has become impossible.

When I open it, it continually syncs in a loop so it never opens for me.

I think the form syncing issue was stemming from the Background app refresh being enabled on the tablet, so every input was forcing the app to re-syn even though the form was not completed. Turning that off seemed to help things but now I’m stuck being unable to open the app through the shortcut or just in safari browser

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This problem sounds pretty deep. Please contact for help with it.

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I am having a similar issue with just one user on an Android device with a white labeled app. This started on Monday. It was across multiple apps for that one device. We took similar steps to what was mentioned in the first post. I could not understand it and it was only with one user so I thought it was probably just something to do with that device so we were going to issue a new device to that person. No other users have reported anything similar.

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Anytiem I saw this sort of disruption has been with Android as well funny enough but again the steps I highlighted above always appeared to improve the syncing problems.

We’re in the same boat, just specific users reporting to us