Tabs and column type

Hi everyone

I have a rather large form with 30 fields. I wanted to add some sections but it seems the best option is to use tabs and split the data per tab. I’ve read that I need to have a new column for each tab and/or section heading. Does this column have to be in my spreadsheet or can it be virtual? It seems a bit strange to have a blank column in the spreadsheet.

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Practically those are Show type columns that needs to be in the spreadsheet, you can’t provide the same functionality with the virtual columns I’m afraid (though never tried that method). You can hide those columns in your spreadsheet after you have initially set them up in your app.

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Many thanks for the reply. I will give this a go.

Virtual columns may indeed be used for the Show columns needed to split your form into tabs. However, virtual columns cannot be placed between normal columns without the use of a slice.


Thanks for the clarification.