Tabs in a view

I have tabs working great in my Data Entry form.
How do I have the tabs show up in the detail of a view ?
My view shows all requests and when I click to show the details I want it to look like my dataentry form.
My view is view only, really don’t want them to add.

I have tabbed views but never really gave much thought to them being displayed in a Detail view. Your question prompted me to check into it.

I haven’t done it but try turning on the setting indicated in the image below.

Tabs are not available in detail views (believe it or not).

Bummer! Curious about the setting I noted above, I decided to play and see how it works. It does display OTHER Show type categories (e.g. Section Header) just not Page Headers - which are used for Tabs.

Setting turned off

Setting turned on

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If you are just trying to display the data while preventing edits, and not taking advantage of any features of the detail view type, you could create a read-only slice, copy the existing form view configuration, attach the copy to the read-only slice, and present that read-only form view. It would look exactly like the original form, but would not be modifiable.

See also:

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@Marc_Dillon @llheath @Steve

There is a feature request already opened for this. Please go Vote it up!!