Tabs in Detail Views

To make your Detail Views have tabs, similar to a how a Form view can have them, follow these steps:

  1. Either create slices for each “tab” of your table, and their corresponding detail views, or just create detail views with different column order settings.
  2. Create a dashboard view that holds all of the above detail views. Make sure to select “Use tabs in mobile view”
  3. Create an action to navigate to this Dashboard view for a specific row
    LINKTOROW([key column] , “dashboard view”)
  4. Set the Row Selected Behavior for a table or deck view to trigger this action. Or trigger this action from anywhere else that you need to.

Thank you! Totally, make sense.
If it does not bother you, quick sample app may help those who just started using Appsheet.

Thank you again.


Thank you! I wonder if you would be willing to post a few screenshots to show what the end result will be. I’m having a little trouble imagining what it will look like.


Sure, here it is without using slices, just column ordering in the detail views.



Wow! Fantastic! Thanks! I can see now that this is really something I need to try! :slight_smile:

When you choose “tabs” it says “instead of vertical scrolling.” Does that mean that you really lose vertical scrolling capability within the tab?

No. It means the views are in Tabs instead of scrolling up and down between them.

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I see. Thanks!

Very useful one @Marc_Dillon for detail views with large number of fields.


Thanks again, @Marc_Dillon, for sharing this. I’m finding it amazingly easy to implement and will be using it in my main app.

One thing I’ve noticed: All of the “Context” expressions that I used in a table that is now a tab in a dashboard view have to be redone. Of course, I can do this, but it would be cool if we could bring a table or some other kind of view in to be a tab in a dashboard view and then choose whether we want the context expressions to apply to the the dashboard view or the views it pulls in.

What do you think? If this isn’t already available and I’m not missing something, I think I’ll post it as a feature request.

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One more thought: I can understand why many people would prefer to see multiple windows or a larger screen and use tabs only of a smartphone. In my case, however, there are situations in which I’d prefer tabs, even in the computer view. I think I’ll request this as well.

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One more thing . . .

Here’s how I’m trying to use the tab function:

Screen Shot 2020-02-29 at 22.25.54

I have a table in which I use lots of abbreviations to avoid wasting space. The abbreviations are explained in the detail views that the table links to, but I wanted to have general explanations, in English and Japanese, about how the table is intended to be viewed, where to find explanations about the columns and the data they contain, etc. I think the tabs are very good for that.

One small problem, however. The headings disappear when I scroll in the table:

Screen Shot 2020-02-29 at 22.26.05

This is another thing I’m thinking about mentioning in a feature request.

Thanks for your consideration. I’ll be happy to learn about any misunderstandings my posts may reveal (stuff I don’t know about) or thoughts others may have on the topic.

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Hi Marc, thanks for sharing this one. I’ve been needing this for quite some time. My Linktorow doesn’t seem to be pulling the correct record though as I’m getting a blank screen when the “tab” dashboard opens. I have 3 different slices associated with the 3 views placed onto a dashboard as in your instructions. The slices do not currently have any restrictions.

Its probably really easy just can’t figure it out :slight_smile: A million thanks


Definitely the first of your two LINKTOROWs should be correct.

I can’t think of any issue without seeing more information. Maybe double-check and screenshot your slices and views. Try to LINKTOROW to just one of your sub-views instead of the dashboard? Make sure project_id is actually the key column for that table? And what view are you navigating from?

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Thanks Marc, I’ll try to link to the subview vs. the dashboard. I’m linking from a subview in another dashboard with an inline action. Will report back.

Thanks again!

Hi Marc, found the problem. Looks like I had to set the table the Dashboard was set on to the main table of the dashboard. It defaulted to something else.

Thanks for your help!




Thanks for this work around. I will make very good use of it!!!

@Daisy_Ramirez @tsuji_koichi @Suvrutt_Gurjar @Kirk_Masden @Bahbus

All, in the spirit of the No Code/Low Code platform, when we encounter such shortcomings, please open a Feature Request to have it added to the platform. It is in the best interest of us all to have easy to use features which translates to quicker to market applications!! Every developers dream!!

I encourage you to go Vote up the Feature Request that had already been added a few days ago!


Hi @Daisy_Ramirez,
How did you set the of the dashboard view ? There is NO a parameter to select the table in a dashboard view.
I have the same problem you described here:

Thank you for your answer

You’ll want to set the view to table or deck view, select your table or slice and then change the view to dashboard.

Nice, tricky but it works !!! Thank you Daisy !!

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