Tabs on detail view


Tabs in detail view using show collumns, the same way it works with forms.

I’ve done an workaround with an Enum collumn, quick edit on detail view enabled and show_if based on this collumn, but its kind of messy.

Dashboard view allows tabs on mobile view or narrow browser windows and we can make different detail views of the same table/slice, but doesnt really solves the issue for browsers.

If the the Editor allowed dashboards inside another dashboard (Inception comes to mind) maybe we could make it work on browsers too?

Yes, this is kinds of MUST HAVE items, especially for users of app who interact with APP mostly on PC, browser.
It should give more easy navigation to switch the view within the same row. Currently when we have long list of columns in a table, then we need to scroll ALL THE WAY down to see the target field. Loads of my clients actually complaining about this interface.

Also I wish to have detail / form view full width option as well.

Yes please include Tabs capabilities in Detail Views in the same way it is allowed in Forms.

While we have a work-around (below), This being a No Code/Low Code platform needs to aim at ease of use.

This workaround works only on mobiles or narrow browsers. If we could put a Dashboard view inside another Dashboard view (right now, we cannot), we could narrow the one we want to have tabs, so it would also work on an usual browser view.

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Any news on this?