Tabular View inside Form View

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I am trying to create an order portal, where clients can login and place order details along with delivery address using a google sheet. I am using Form view for this and create 2 show columns as section header (Order Details and Delivery Details). Under Delivery Details, I am using address columns to put the delivery address. For Order Details, I am trying to create a table with product names (e.g. - Apple, Banana, Orange) and users can put the order quantity next to it. These 3 rows along with Delivery Details should be populated in my google sheet.

Question is, can I show tabular view of products inside a form and qty column next to it. Currently, users have to go and place orders for each product one at a time in form.


When the product is a ref field for the order table and you have set the option “Is A Part Of” to true, you can see a list of related products with the qty when filling the order form.

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Thanks for the response Aleksi. Can you please share an example. I am not able to achieve this feature. Basically what I want in the data is mentioned below using form, where after adding Delivery Address, user click next and populate Product and Qty as tables and submit at once -

Sectionheader2 Delivery Address Sectionheader1 Product Qty
Mumbai, India Apple 14
Mumbai, India Banana 20


It’s working. Thanks for helping out.