Take a past Weeknum

I have a Report that I send every week on Monday, adding the information from last week.
I have already resolved the part of the report, but I would like the head of the report to mention the week that is being declared.
The report divides the records by Import week, for this I use the number of weeks per year (Weeknum). How can I make the report add not the current week but the previous one.

Table: Informacion de Salidas
Column: Semana de Cruce

The <<Start>> tag expects a list of key column values from the rows you want displayed. LOOKUP() produces a single value, not a list, so LOOKUP() isn’t giving <<Start>> what <Start>> wants.

<<Start>> is used to display data from a list of rows, but you really want to display just one value at that point: the week number. In fact, you don’t need <<Start>> (and the matching <<End>>) at all.

Replace this:

<<START LOOKUP(...)>><<[Semana de Cruce]>><<End>>

with just:

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awesome Steve! Thank you very much.
Your explanation is clear to me, this will be very helpful for my next projects.

the formula was like this

and the final report:

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