Taken picture regularly won't upload


I migrated from Google App Maker a while ago to rewrite two apps for the business I work for.

One small app has a regular issue. The only purpose of the app is to upload pictures taken and give them a tag out of a list of possible tags (that change daily). The tags are our not yet delivered orders and the pictures are the pictures of the delivery notes.

The problem occurs when I take the picture and confirm (I don’t know if this confirmation is related to AppSheet or the Camera app). After the confirmation, AppSheet restarts/reloads and brings me back to the fill in form. After I save, the image is not uploaded to the Google Drive. The picture did show up, though, on the fill in form (after the restart).

It doesn’t always happen, but regularly. It happens mostly the first time I take a picture after I started the app. Once the first time did not produce the problem, mostly it won’t give the problem the next times that day or so.

I’m sorry if this problem was mentioned already, but I couldn’t find it in the forum.

I run Android 10 on a Huawei phone and use the native Camera app.

What can I do to deliver debug info or so?


Hi Sven, would you please contact our support team with details at support@appsheet.com, thanks.

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