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Hello,can anyone help? I am trying to talk to sales to get a quote for Developing Apps for listing on Google Play. I could not get my details through to Sales,because their form requires a corporate email address and not a gmail or outlook email address.I do not have a corporate email address.I am now stuck and unable to furnish my details to Sales.Please be so kind to assist.Thank you


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Hello,thank you very much for your prompt response.It doesn’t work,back to the same form that needs to be filled and would only cater to a corporate email address.To recapitulate a little:- I discover Appsheet and I eager beaver into it,now considering to commence Mobile App Development and publishing on Google Play,after evaluating the subscription plans I email my query and was referred to Sales.Since Sales do not accept private emails and only corporate ones implies that Sales does not deal with individuals.I am no corporate entity,but just a retiree. My query iws as follows:-To publish a white label app,a Pro Plan at $50/per month for 10 users is required.This means a subscription of $500 per month. an the cost per app would be $500 divided the number of apps published in that month.Could anyone who have publish white label apps and/or residing outside the US of A,confirm or contradict my understanding as elaborated above.By the way,I am a Malaysian residing on the outskirts of its capital Kuala Lumpur.Thank you

First will users be signing into the apps do that you can utilize their USEREMAIL() for filtering of records?