Target for an action

I have a table with a lot of column. So I make 2 slice to filter some column to watch or edit them. I create a new action with the type “App:go to another view within this app” and the target “LINKTOVIEW (“my Slice”)”
It works right but it shows every time the first row of my table. What Expression do I need if I want to go to the same row I come from. (If I look or edit row 15 for example and trigge the action button, I want to have the row 15 in the other slice)

thanks for help

You would need to use LINKTOROW deep link, not LINKTOVIEW.

Thanks for the tip. Perhaps it is the right Expression but it doesn´t solve my problem. If i write LINKTOROW (“row_name”, “slice_view”) i get nothing to view. If i write LINKTOROW (“row123”,“slice_view”) i get Always the same row, no matter what row i come from.
How do I hand over in the command the row I´m coming from Right now?

Try with LINKTOROW([KeyColumnName],“YourViewName”)

Yes it works if it is a Slice in den same table. Thanks a lot.
If i try this to change to a row in a nother table in the same app unfortunately it doesnt`t work…
Must I have for that an other Expression?

It should work if you have the record with the same key coloumn’s value in your other table. It doesn’t find that record if you don’t have the same key value in that table.