Task Generator

Hi! I’m trying to create a task generator, where I already have a list of task with the time it would take to get the task done and I want to input the amount of time I have and for the generator to spit out the tasks I can accomplish in the inputted time.

Can someone please help point me towards a few resources that would help me create this generator? Thank you!

Hello @Foomeister, for this task generator you would need a dedicated column for introducing the time available, and then a REF column to your TASKS table that lets you choose from your list of tasks, for getting only the tasks that you can complete as suggestions in that column you need to use a expression using the REF’s column VALID_IF field.

Such expression might be one as follows:


You can read more here:


Thank you for this tip and expression! I really appreciate it!

In terms of creating a view to input the timeAvaliable (i.e., the generator) by the user, would I have to create another page (but not necessarily another spreadsheet) with a input area and “enter” to use this expression?