Task management app with Google Calendar sync

We are a company of 100+ employees. We need a custom task management app integrated with Google Calendars (we use Google G Suite). We want to build it on AppSheet.

Every team member should be able to see his tasks in his Google Calendar. It’s ok if they just see them in Google Cal in read-only mode, but it would be perfect if AppSheet app and Google Cal are in full sync - if you edit smth in calendar it’s updated in app too.

How do we make it? How does every employee connect his calendar to the tasks app?

Hey Valentin

Have you checked out the documentation about using your Gcal as a data source for your app? This works, but there’s limitations on what fields you can edit through the app.

Unless there’s some background scripts or something that’s running, or some other deeper integration with Gcal, I’ve found it’s more flexible (and all around easier for all parties involved) to create the calendar system inside the app.

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The problem with UX View Type Calendar is that it’s very weak compared to Gcal - no drag and drop, no 15-min blocks, no connectivity to the outer world that doesn’t use our app on AppSheet. If AppSheet would have an industry standard iCal export that would not be a problem…

Yes, I know about Gcal personal calendar as a data source. But could you please explain how does every employee connect his personal Google calendar to the tasks app?

That’s not possible, well at least it’s not feasible. So do this you’d need to add every employee’s gmail account as a data source to the app.

What you can do is create a calendar for the purpose of holding tasks, add THAT calendar to your app, and share the calendar with your employees.
The problem here is that it’s one for everyone, not individualized.

I’m thinking you’ll need to rethink your data schema or the requirement of integrating with Gcal.

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You are right! That’s the problem, in fact Gcal as a source is suitable only for personal use or when one shared calendar is used.

We discuss another option here Export specific view/slice in iCal format