Task not in Task Tab / Dropdown list

I have a task which is called by a bot, it’s been working fine. Until I try to move it to a condition branch this morning – the task is not shown in the task dropdown list, so it’s impossible to re-use it. I checked the task tab, it is not there either. Is there a way to save this task manually, so it can be re-used?

Did you migrated it from workflows/reports?

Yes. Right after the migration, I was able to select it in the task dropdown.

I think the only solution is to create a copy of the task manually (I mean, one that does the same thing as the original one that’s not shown as an option)
I see the same problem with my workflows/reports, after migration, since it’s modular now, it seems like system didn’t created the tasks related to the events/processes.
(If the task you need have some _BLABLA at the end, it’s because it was created automatically from the migration but it’s not shown on tasks tab, Idk why. I believe is a bug from the migration system)