Task properties now available in the Monitoring App for Automation plus some sync enhancement

Hi all,

We recently enhance the Monitoring App experience for Automation with the following:

  1. We now include the task properties into “Process > Steps > Detail”, which are applicable for Email/Notification/SMS/Webhook/MakeDoc task steps defined in the process. Previously, these meta data are only available in user audit log through “Log Analyzer”.

  2. We introduce a UserSettings for you to pick ONE particular app to “monitor”. This will help reduce the sync latency for those who have large number of Automation apps.
    Go to the side menu and hit “Settings” and then choose the app from the “App To Monitor” dropdown and then hit save.

We are planning to slowly roll out a change so that by default if nothing is selected from “App To Monitor” in UserSettings, display automation data only from the last-modified app (currently we are trying display data from all apps). Let us know if you are interested to be included in this rollout.



Could you add this account ID for testing early?


Thank you.


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I have just included account 2296165 to the rollout.



Thanks @Zhifeng_Lin
Will get back with feedback after testing.

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HI @Zhifeng_Lin, can you please add account 769246

Hi Martina,

We have rolled this out to all users now.
So you should see the updated behavior in the Monitoring App.


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