Task/workflow little number 1's in corner and duplicates


Now that workflows are being turned into bots I have duplicates in “tasks” of what were workflow rules. Some of them have a little “1” in the corner.

Why are there duplicates and what are the "1’s for?



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Same I have a Rule:thing and Rule_thing task for my workflows. In addition to that we have had workflows that are not executing every tasks. Currently scrambling to make every workflow into bots before more things break.


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Please contact support@appsheet.com for help with this.

Yes I have a feeling I am now creating new duplicates for my “bots” and if the old workflows start working I won’t know which ones to delete leaving me with lots of unnecessary parts to my app.

I need to get these workflows sorted before next weeks orders and deliveries roll in and something in the background is missed - expanding the sales team again this week so problems could be multiplied.


I think a work flow that wasn’t working has now started working again on an old version of my app.

OF GOOD NOTE. The 1 “duplicated” tasks are not necessarily identical either. They also don’t seem to immediately cause errors. Cause both of the tasks have existed for a little bit now but are suddenly throwing an error. The error is appropriate as one of the tasks is a much older version of that workflow task.

Edit:the delayed error is cause they weren’t being used* I feel like an invalid task should error even if its not being used.

Workflows and bot both working now and sending emails through on new row added to table

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Any update on the duplicates and what the little "1"s are for. I need to remove duplicates and work out which ones are sending and from where. I have workflows sending emails and bots now sending emails that I set up when the workflows stopped. The bots now have multiple tasks as well as the new bot task I set up as I didn’t know if the transferred tasks worked.

If I delete all tasks and bots , will the workflows still work as they did? I appreciate I can’t make new workflows.


Did you contact Support as I suggested above?

Yes they fixed the issue with workflows not coming through.