Tea Blending Calculator

Can anyone give me a rundown on whether I could create an app which would calculate the price of a tea blend using data (different herbs) that have different dollar dollar values?

Some pointers on where to begin would be most helpful!



Welcome to the AppSheet community.

Your query is generic and hence the following response is generic. In general, it should be possible to achieve what you are looking for. The below referred apps are very slightly related to what you are looking for but you could possibly get some ideas from those.

In the Order Capture app below , the order details consist of Products ( equivalent to maybe herbs) in you case) and quantity ( may be weight or quantity of herbs in you case). So each order detail line item ( herbs details ) creates a price based on quantity (may be weight of herbs) . And at the order level (blend level) , all those line items prices in each of order detail ( Herb details prices) are added to create a total order price.( blend price)


  1. Table for each variety with pricing information per unit weight.

  2. Master blend table with:

  3. Child blend table with fields to input variety and weight. A certain validation mechanism to limit the total weight / respective fractions to a certain level. Another field to calculate price of each fraction.

  4. Sum total of all related children in master table gives the price of the master blend.

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