Team Composition

Hi! I am new with AppSheet and I want to explore more about this platform but I don’t know what is the standard team size and team composition when developing/building an application for the company. Like for example do I need a QA, BA, and TM for the team? Something like that.

Do you have any recommendations for this one? Thanks!

No code development is not like traditional software development. One person can do everything so no need for huge teams.


Hi, @Bellave_Jayaram! Thanks for the reply.

So how does the team work here in AppSheet? I assume that small team is appropriate for app development here, but do you have a typical team composition?

Depends on the complexity/scale of apps you are wanting to develop. Before going any further perhaps you should explain a little more about your apps and their features and we can offer some tips. It may not even be possible to implement required features in which case the discussion is moot.

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The project is not that complex at all. More on an escalation of request, dashboard, and location logging. And also the record will be extensive.

It sounds to me like a one or two person team should be sufficient then.

You mean two AppSheet Devloper? So no need for QA Engineers to test the application?

You can have the users of the app test out the features or if you want to have a QA specialist, that’s fine too.

Check into how AppSheet handles multiple developers. I don’t think two can edit the app definition at the same time. Please correct me if I’m wrong.


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Ohh. So you mean AppSheet can only accommodate one developer/creator at a time?

Edit: I mean, there is no option for collaboration? Which multiple developers can work in parallel?

Unfortunately, Exactly.

Only one person should edit an app at a time. If two people attempt to edit an app at the same time, conflicts may occur when the app is saved. You are not notified if another person is editing the app while you are.


Correct. :frowning:

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Thanks for the reply! Thanks for the insight for the developer/creator. How about in Quality Assurance aspect? Does AppSheet follow some standard process when it comes to testing the app? Like how do you test your app here?

We don’t have any specific quality check rather than are all your expressions etc. individual features working in your app. That you can test with the “Save & Verify Data”.

When your app is still in prototype mode, you can add max 10 test users to your app for free.

Or do you have any special idea with this quality check?

Hi, Aleski. Thank you! I am thinking about load testing and automated testing which I can integrate with software like Katalon, Jmeter, etc. But if AppSheet has this unique approach when testing (10 test users), it’s all good. I am just curious about up to what level can we develop and test the app in AppSheet.

The load testing you can follow from Editor > Manage > Monitor > Performance profile for example how much each tables and virtual columns will take while the app is syncing.

Thanks, @Aleksi ! So you think its overkill if I hire QA engineer just to test the application made by AppSheet, right? I mean, because the quality assurance can be done automatically using the out-of-the-box feature of AppSheet (Editor > Manage > Monitor > Performance) that can be performed by the developer/app creator and manual testing by sharing this up to 10 “test users”. Is this correct?

Though it depends how complex your app is. You are not able to see everything directly from the Performance profile. You also need to investigate what that result means and how to change something so the performance would be better. But for your original question… Appsheet is meant to be a no code platform so you should be able to handle most of the questions by the developer.

Thanks @Aleksi! This is very helpful.