Team, why there is a force log out every time...

(Sunny) #1

Team, why there is a force log out every time appsheet is closed?

It defeats the purpose of being an APP itself once login taking multiple steps to access. Thanks.

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

Is it possible that your iPhone memory is almost full? You coud try to free some memory and see if that helps.

(Simon Robinson) #3

If you close Appsheet it always makes you log back in, even on Android and Browser.

But, like @Aleksi_Alkio said, if it’s logging you out without you closing it.

Then this is your iPhone clearing the Appsheet cache.

Which you can do nothing about other than to make sure you have AT LEAST 15%-20% free space at all times.

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #4

Btw, in a browser and on a phone, AppSheet should not ask you to log back in everytime you restart it. Definitely not in a browser. So @Simon_Robinson if you are seeing this, you should figure out why this is — it may be you are running in incognito mode or something like that

(Sunny) #5

Thanks @Aleksi_Alkio & @Simon_Robinson for the suggestions.

@praveen but I am being still logged out of the iOS app and I am being asked to reauthenticate my GOOGLE account everytime I open the app.

The screenshot above comes every time.

I even cleared 2GB of space from my phone, but not getting through.

Is it anything to do with the new Google’s security revisions & updates?

(Simon Robinson) #6

@praveen sorry you are right.

If its working correctly on a smartphone you should remain logged in even if you close appsheet.

Though if you then cleared appsheet cache it would then require you to login. Which is what I meant to say.

@Sunny based on what I’ve seen, you need to have 20% ish free space.

As an experiment try clearing up that much and see if this stops the issue.

If this works you should see straight away.