Template doesn't look right in my email

I built a template for a report. Here is the template:

However, When i run the report - here is what it looks like in my email:

Why does it not look the same? Am i missing a configuration?

Hi @Tiger,
I believe you may wish to mention how have you aligned the fields in you template.

For example, how have you placed fields such as Job type, Ordered by, Block etc towards the right half portion of the template. In general how have you created the spacing between various fields in the template.

In general, you could use a table structure to place those fields at different positions in the template. If you wish the user may not see the output in tabular form, one approach is you could make the table borders white in color so that the borders will be invisible for the users who use background color theme of white for the emails.
However those users having dark or non-white background color theme for emails will see the table borders.

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I understand. I will try white borders. To answer you how i aligned - i simply hit the space bar over… I guess the template doesn’t know spaces?


I believe , yes, spaces will not align in actual report.

Please do try with tables with white borders.