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My app has 1 workflow with 3 email actions. Each action generates and email with a pdf attachment created from template. This template generates rows with one Drawing field. All 3 templates are basically the same. Minor column modifications but all of them have this Drawing field.

The problem that in these 3 pdfs the Drawing image is not always displayed. Some of them are but some are just a white box that have an invisible link. Clicking on the white box opens the Drawing image in browser. It seems random because a pdf might have 3 white boxes and the other pdfs none. It’s a big problem because one email goes to production department and always i have to manually print the missing Drawings.

Is this a bug?

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Can you narrow down when the instance of the blank box is occurring? That’s ultimately what you’ll need to figure out - what’s different between THAT one and the others. (Because there IS something different, probly some tiny little thing - one character, piece of text, etc. - that’s not how you’re expecting.)

To get direct help with this, you can always reach out to support@appsheet.com - there someone can actually look at your app and tell you what’s wrong.

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I think i know what the issue is.

So i randomly clicked on a drawing image in pdf. Even if the image was displayed correctly the link to the image (https://www.appsheet.com/get/?IMAGE_ID) was throwing a could not get error. Refreshed the page and the image loaded successfully. So my guess is if the pdf engine receives this error it gives up and only displays the link to the image in the generated pdf.

I think it should retry a couple of times.

This is my latest error. Check the 3 generated pdfs.

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The problem persists and it’s getting worse.

Check the latest order. The drawing is not displaying in either of the three files.

It’s just the link to the drawing.

Can someone take a look? I think it’s an issue with the new engine. It all started when it was released.


Please contact support@appsheet.com for help with this.