Template Error

I am trying to create a report template and i want to use greek words but it doesnt work.
When i test my workflow i saw the below error:

Failed: Action not performed because 2 errors are present. Error: Workflow rule ‘ExportKartela’ action ‘Action 1’ Body template. Template could not be loaded due to exception: Reference to undeclared entity ‘omicron’. Line 1, position 3110. Error: The document body is empty.

When i delete my greek words the workflow works correctly.

What i have to do to recognize my language?

Can you provide a screenshot of the problem template? Perhaps its just a syntax issue.

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The above is the error.
The below is the template:

Αξία Ημερομηνία Κατάσταση
<<Start: FILTER(Customer Debts,true)>><<[Synoliko]>> <<[Cashier Date]>> <<[Status]>> <>

Maybe this post can help? It appears the developer found that they needed to use the “Create” feature within AppSheet to start the template first.

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i tried with no result.

When i replace the greek words with english ones the workflow works fine.

I would submit this issue to support@appsheet.com for further assistance.

Also, I just noticed this article. Maybe it can help with the language settings?

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Another article to check…

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