Template Expression Problems

Hello Everyone,

Working on a template and encountering some issues.

Some background.

Main Table, Workflow is called off a change in the main table. Makes a template resets the Trigger column which is triggered off action.

Made my own referance column. Works great in app. Made it myself because its based off a slice.
Virtual Column


Now, the real problem. In my template I’m trying to get Items from this column.


Problem is, Im getting these errors, As far as I know, I’m not doing anything wrong. Any Insight?

You shouldn’t even need the VC. In your template just use:

<<IF: COUNT(Display Breakdown Slice[Display Name])>0>>

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Does it work if you use IF(COUNT(

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Just woke up, tried one more thing. I had this entire template wrapped up inside another table as to make sure a display type would not rollover onto the next page, so I removed it and now its working.

@Bahbus I already have the virtual column for other purposes so I wanted to see what was all possible and its possible. Working now.

Just wondering why it doesnt work if everything is wrapped up in another table as described by @Marc_Dillon
here. Template Issues

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Ah, I had assumed from the way the post was worded that you created the VC solely for this purpose. My b.

No Its my bad, It was the way i posted it :wink: