Template expressions and reference tables togheter


I have a question about my template expressions.

Short view in my app:
in my app i have a lot of acounts
each acount has a lot of differtent subscriptions (reference to acount)
each subscription has a lot of differten washes (refence to a subscritions)

Now, every friday i want to get a overview in PDF where all the subcriptions with less then 2 turns (every subscriptions has 10 turns in the beginning) are on.

I know it is with a bot, but the questions are

  • Wich table do i use? (Acount or supscriptions)
  • What is the right expression for this? I use no (see image also errors)

(IN THE IMAGE “BEDRAG” = “TURNS”!! Because of the langue)

PS Link to my Document : DocId=1e_jXv88FLHpqMog6eA1TEOvA0Wsz7CJ6wyucxiV6QDs

We need to see your Bot to understand HOW it is passing rows…if at all.

There is likely one of two problems:

  1. Your Bot is passing a row for a table that is different than what the template was designed for.
  2. Your Bot is NOT passing as row at all (e.g. a Scheduled Bot with the “ForEachRow” setting turned off) and the template is not establishing its own set of rows to operate over.

I suspect it’s the second problem since you mention you want an “overview”.

An “overview” or summary report is normally accomplished by:

  1. Creating a Scheduled Bot with the “ForEachRow” setting off. You don’t want to pass data row by row, instead you either want to run the report or not run the report.

  2. The template identifies the rows to operate on using one or more sets of <<Start:...>> / <<End>> blocks. These blocks simply establish a scope (you can think of it as a loop) that selected rows operate over.

Here is more info on using START/END blocks:

I hope this helps! Please ask more questions if needed.

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I’m so sorry, but i can’t fiks it…
Indeed it is the seconde option, with the overview.
Schermafbeelding 2022-01-13 om 11.43.09

As you can see i still get an error with both expressions;
<<Start:SELECT(Lopende_rekeningen[Bedrag], ([Bedrag] < 100),FALSE)>>
AND with the other:

<<Start:SELECT([Bedrag], ([Bedrag] < 100),FALSE)>>

Here is also my bot…

The error is because the parser cannot find a matching <<END>> to the noted <<START:...>>.

Either you have left it off or there are other syntax errors that prevent the parser from finding the matching <<END>>