Template Expressions

Does Upper() and ABS() work in google docs email templates? I am trying to create pdfs via workflow.


All expressions should work in templates, to my knowledge. Certainly ABS() and UPPER(). Are you having problems?

Hi Steve, yes I had <<ceiling([amount])>> which worked, but when I tried upper on my text column and abs on the [amount] column, it didnt work.

Please provide a screenshot of the non-working portions of the template.

ABS() does not work on quantity, unit price, discount, tax, and total amount. They are all price type columns. I managed to get upper() to work. Also, do I need to use <<if: for each column? I couldnt get it to work when I put it at the beginning and at the end of the table.

I would suggest removing the <<If:>> and <<EndIf>> tags in favor of replacing your <<Start>> expression with:

<<Start: SELECT([Related Invoice Details], ("item" = [type]))>>
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Thanks Steve, what about abs? Any idea why it’s not working? Ceiling works fine.

I need to look into this more. I’ll try to do so tomorrow.

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