Template from spreadsheet to pdf error

Hi, im trying to create a template from a spreadsheet file to PDF file report.

When i make the “Test” i get the following error message:

Failed: Action not performed because 1 errors are present. Error: Task: ‘Reporte Rotativos:Email Repprte’ Template Type: ‘Attachment’ could not be read due to FileMimeType ‘application/vnd.google-apps.spreadsheet’ is unexpected…

Is not possible for appshet to convert from spreadsheet template to PDF File report?

Hi @Matias_Sanchez

Did you have a look to this article ?
I think a spreadsheet is not supported.

If you want to send a copy of your spreadsheet, you need to use a workaround
If you create a report, you have the possibility to create a template automatically, with a table title, and a Start/End expression looping on the rows of your spreadsheet.

The requirement is to use a parent table, and designate your current table as a child from this one.
Then, use Start/End on the Child (=your table).

On your datas:
create a table, fictitious for you. Let’s call this one Parent.
one key-column, one row, one value : k1.
on your table, add a column “RelatedParent” and set type “REF”, source : the fictitious one, Parent.
Set the same value k1 on the whole column rows.

On your editor:

  1. Behavior/Report/Add a new Report
    …for table… ==> choose Parent
    if this is true… ==> choose condition (have a look on triggered actions posts in the community)
    Run these tasks… ==> choose “Send an email” then untick the “use default content”

  2. Save (blue button on right-top of the windows), in order to run some (maybe) missing options.

  3. Finally, chose Attachment type : PDF, then click on the “Create” button on the right side of “attachment template”.
    That will create a file template, and you can display it and modify it.

Can you give it a try and let us know if that works for you ?

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Yes, I had read that article before.
On the other hand, following the procedure that you indicate, it generates a very basic Google Doc that does not meet the requirements I need for my organization, so I launched myself by creating my own template, which is perhaps more compatible and adaptable to a spreadsheet or excel format, but when choosing xlsl format is not compatible to convert it to PDF, so I can not find the way to create a report correctly and that the platform converts it to pdf.

this is the report i need to my organization.

and this is the way you give me.

Did you try the landscape orientation?

I’m aware that will not help with sticking various tables side by side, but that can help with the need of width for each table.

I understand you have a very specific need, maybe someone else will have more ideas.

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AppSheet can only use Excel spreadsheets as spreadsheet templates. Google Sheets spreadsheets cannot be used as templates.

Excel spreadsheet templates can only be used to generate Excel spreadsheet files, not PDF files.

There are significant limitations in what the Excel spreadsheet template can include.

See also:

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ye, i try landscape but i have 106 columns and doesnt fit in the .doc