Template to manage apartment check ins and check outs

Hello everyone

I am a noobie in this space and I would like to seek your input.

We are a small company running on Google Suite /Workspace that operates different apartments that have people checking in and checking out very often. We currently keep track of such check ins and check out of people, creating 1 excel file per day of the year and, in that excel file, listing all the properties that have “movement” that day.

So, we end up the year with 365 excel (G sheets) files created. We know this can be heavily optimized.

I have checked the templates available in appsheet and found 2 that are almost what we need, but not quite:

I was wondering if anyone can recommend other appsheets templates or share an existing solution that basically would support the following processes/workflows:

1 For a given apartment, create a check in entry (when are the guests coming in) and some other data about them and then, once we have saved their check in details, the app takes us to the next screen which would be the check out form (where we would enter details on their expected departure)

  1. For a given day which we would input in the calendar, list out all the check ins happening that day and all the check outs (specially relevant to see in that daily calendar view the apartment´s name and the expected check in or check out time). Have the possiblity to print/generate pdf/email that daily planner

  2. For an existing apartment or a given day, modify/delete existing entries(ie, change the check in or the check out details)

All the data should be searchable and editable, except the name of the apartments and their details, which is something that does not change.

We do not think this is a hard thing and we are almost certain it must be out there already.

Thanks for any advice!

Hi! Welcome to the community!

I hope someone else can recommend a template that is closer to what you want to do. However, my impression is that the library of templates is rather limited so it may be difficult to find a template that is close to what you want to do.

My impression is that templates (sample apps) are most useful as learning tools. In other words, you can learn how to do things on AppSheet by studing how the templates work and then trying to adjust the templates to get closer to what you want to do. Then, if you get stuck trying to add a particular function or capability to your app, you can post a question here to get feedback on that point.

Good luck!

P.S, I think AppSheet will be MUCH better for you than many, many separate G sheets.


Hola Javier and welcome to the community!

I’ll try to help you on this. First, as @Kirk_Masden said, no template would give you a production app, rather they serve as important learning tools and they also give you ideas about what you can achieve with AppSheet. I’ll give you some advice but don’t be discouraged!

Hard is relative, but what you want to do is not trivial from my point of view. First, a general advice for development in general especially if you are approaching a new environment/platform is to drop expectations and just be ready to do what it takes to master it. In many occasions this rule has been immensely helpful for me.

I created an app to manage several touristic services, including a service very similar to your need. I have to say at least for me that this was the hardest part of them all.

So basically you should have the following tables: Reservations, each can include several Stays bound by the same dates. Each Stay is a relation combining a customer with a reservation and an accommodation, so you should also have Customers and Accommodation tables. Also, you should have Movements table to control the lifetime of stays. This is the minimum to start with.

Then you have to define and implement the rules that bind these tables together and generate the desired views, craft actions for state changes and corresponding rules, define and implement desired timed actions. Formatting rules for the views, files and emails.

Again, please don’t be discouraged, go for it because it is certainly doable. You just need not take it lightly. As a “company” you have to be aware that it would require time investment not only for development but also for relevant knowledge acquisition as a “noobie”.

I recommend first dedicating few days to reading AppSheet tutorials, create a test app to try out features you learn about. Once you mature a work plan in your mind and feel that now you know what you have to do, start and you’ll have your dream app.

My best advice: this community is one of the best I’ve seen in the development world, and it is your best valuable resource, so in your learning-dedicated time, make sure you have a daily visit to read questions asked by the community members and the responses, and when you start crafting your app come and ask about any difficulties and doubts you would encounter. And, don’t be discouraged :slight_smile:

All the best!

P.S. I couldn’t make a Calendar view for that purpose, and I don’t think it is possible, but there are beautiful and efficient alternatives.