Template to produce a Google Document


Is it possible from the worklow to produce, after merging variables in placeholders, a Google Document, alternatively to produce one of the transformed authorized outputs (CSV,HTML,JSON,PDF,XLSX,XML,ICS).

The only workaround I found was to output in html and then open it in google document. But I loose a lot of formatting.

This is useful if the users wants to adapt the document manually for complex documents.

Thanks for your help !


Why not using directly a word template as an input ?

You can edit a word document through the google doc interface if it’s stored in the drive or use the application launcher for a seamless edition

PDF output can be easly edited too, or converted into a DOC


Many thanks Jeremy ! The input is not an issue : Gdoc or Word are fine. The pb is the output : pdf or html. When converted back from pdf / html to Google document, much of the formatting is lost. It would be great adding the feature to add Google document as output format !

Your right, will be nice to add this output.
i’m interested about those formating issues, can you give us input vs output ?