Templates for Field Services

How do you associate a service template (this would be a table) to an account that will load the values of that template to a recurring service performed on the location (account)? For example, someone performs the same pest control service on a house the second Monday of every month, using the same materials and equipment. Ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Hello @Salvador_Parras Welcome to the Community!

If I understand, you want to pull the service template details into a new service order record for order placement or billing/invoicing purposes?

Here is how I would tackle this:

  • As you suggested, have a Service Template table that specifies the “settings” details for that service.
  • In a second table for Service Orders, basically replicate the columns of the Service Template table.
  • In the Service Orders table also include, a Service dropdown list that allows choosing of the proper Service Template record.
  • When a service is selected from the dropdown, COPY all of the Service Template settings/details to the replicated columns of the Service Orders table. This would be done by setting the Initial Value property of each column. This allows for manual adjustments at order time.

If changes to the service template are made later. the next order placement will automatically pull in the new service details.

I hope this at least helps with a possible direction to take to solve your problem.

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Thanks so much for the quick response. I will tackle this first, and then I will see how to solve the problem of automating that process so that a new service order based on tha template is generated at the set interval.

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