Temporary Group Generation and User tracking

I have a workplace scenario. I have a number of users. I want to be able to group them…but sort of randomly AND be able to track their progress. I am trying to sort of create a game-type system at work for competition between departments.

  1. In a sense, I would like the App to create a room code: ABCD. The users that want to join ABCD can do so. They can join a different one instead, if they prefer.

  2. All those who are in the same room/group can track progress.

  3. Progress is tracked with barcodes. If you scan a barcode, you get 10 points. If you take a picture, you get 5 points.

  4. I would like to have users See their progress AND their teammates’ progress as well.

  5. I would like the room track points. User A has 5 barcodes (50 pts) and 3 pics (15 pts.)

  6. I would like the rooms to automatically dissolve after some time period.

Would Appsheet be able to do this? I am trying to search in various places on here and not sure how to start.

Probably, but it’s not trivial.

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I didn’t think it would be. Any suggestions on where to start?

Read as much of the AppSheet help documentation as possible. Plan as much of your app as you can on paper - what tables you’ll need, what columns each table needs, how each table connects, etc.

And then look at sample apps for some of the complex concepts.