Terms and Conditions

Hi Community!

We have built a multi-tenant (and multi-app) platform, and are now onboarding our first few customers - in Australia.

We need to provide a set of terms and conditions (‘Terms’) for our customers to sign, and our customers are (initially) based in Australia.

We need to either create some terms that are ‘back-to-back’ with the AppSheet/Google terms (and that also reference those terms as relevant to the agreements) - this would be a fairly onerous task to replicate to an extent (but put in Australian legal terms). OR, we need to create a fairly basic set of Australian terms, and just refernce the AppSheet terms also. I know that within the app, the AppSheet terms are listed as also relevant already, so this helps.

Just wondering if anyone has had experience with this and can make any suggestions as to an efficient way forward. We have our first customers starting in less than 1 week, so it’s a case of getting something in place and then refining.

Thansk for any advice!