Test users not receiving invitation email

I have created a very simple test application using app sheet.
I am currently trying to share the app with some testers.

See the documentation below.

“If you would like the user to receive an invitation email with installation instructions, click the Send install link button at the bottom of the form. You can optionally customize the message by editing the Message to send text. If you would like to add them to the whitelist without sending them an email, click the Don’t Send Email button.”

I have followed these steps, but my users are not receiving any emails.

What could possibly be the reason for this?

If you provide me with the email addresses of a few of the intended recipients, I can check the Mandrill log files to see if we generated and tried to send the invitation emails. If you don’t want to post the names here, you can open a problem ticket and include them there.

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Dane responded to me privately and provided the email address of the user he was sharing the application with.
I checked the Mandrill log files.
We were sending the invitation email.
The recipient’s email server was rejecting the email.
He will work with the administrator of the recipient’s email server to resolve the problem

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