Tested value is different than the one displayed in the Form


I’m using a time type in my app (it’s a starting time).

I have a form to create an appointment, and the initial value is calculated from the current time and rounded to the next quarter.

When I test it, it works fine (I’m testing it at 3:50 PM shows me 4:00 PM), but it doesn’t work in the form (Shows me 4:05 PM).

It doesn’t make sense to me. Any idea ?

Try making the first part a separate column and the second part a separate column. This way you can possibly narrow down which half of the expression is the issue.
My guess is the first part since Hour:05 shouldn’t be possible as far as I can tell.
(also side note don’t trust the tested expressions values, they seem to mean jack as far as I have found in many other regards)

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I separated the hour and minute values to find which one was buggy, they both were.
After some unsuccessful changes, I’ve remplaced every NOW()-"0:00" by TIMENOW() - "00:00:00"

It works perfectly now.

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

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For reference: