Testing bots returns "success" even when it fails

When testing a bot using the “Test” feature, it returns “Success”, even though the bot fails. In the monitor app I later see that the bot failed ( for example because of an error in a formula in a template). This makes it hard to debug.

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Attn @prithpal @Dan_Bahir

The workflows and automations work in an async manner, the Success reflects that the bot was triggered correctly.

We have in our roadmap a more interactive test functionality that will allow you to step through the results of the execution but it will be a while until that is released.

Until then I hope the monitoring app is able to provide enough information for you to debug your bots. If you have any suggestions I would be happy to hear.


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This should be made clear in the output so the app creator doesn’t need to have detailed awareness of the inner workings of Automation,


Aha, okay thanks for answering! :slight_smile:
But this functionality was in the “old” workflows module? So it is just not ready yet for the new automation module?
The monitoring app is not working for us. 90 % of the syncs times out.

So since the “test” feature in Bots doesnt returns errors as with the good old workflows, and the monitoring app doesnt start, we now use more than an hour to just debug an attachment template. :frowning:
With workflows we used the “test” feature, and found the errors in 2 minutes.

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@OliverDahl We just released a new feature for “Testing a bot”, which will show all the tasks in the parent process, and allow users to test run each task. Please try it out! Thanks!