Testing environments

What would be the best way to set up DEV, QA and Production environments using an Appsheet app within a company? Making 3 Copies of the App and working from there? Or are there more efficient methods?

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Jason, copying and working on 3 different apps, then ‘upgrading’ your production app can be a good method: Manage > Versions > App Upgrade

If you have a specifically invited list of end users, the ‘stable version’ functionality might be easier to manage - allows you to set which user receives which version of the app, and define when the latest is ‘stable’: Manage > Versions > Stable Version


Whoa! Awesome!

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So if I allow users by domain, this isn’t an option? I’d like to make the whole domain use stable then a subset, my test users, use the latest. But my test users are also part of the domain and are listed individually since they tested the prototype version.