Testing process triggered by schedule

I am looking to add a couple bots to do things like sending out chaser emails to users who have not filled out forms etc.

To do this, I thought I would have a scheduled event that fires daily and looks at all records in a table.

What I can’t figure out is a good way to trigger a scheduled event for testing purposes. Is there a way to trigger and event for all rows in a table by just clicking on something in order to test the process and tasks triggered by it?

I realise that I could probably update the schedule to the next minute and wait for a minute for it to fire. However, that seems a bit clunky and slow. Is there a better way to do this?

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Hi Erik,

We are currently working on implementing that functionality. Stay tuned it should be available soon.



Great, thanks!

Hi Erik,

We have deployed this feature, your bots that are subscribed to a scheduled event should have the new test and run buttons.

Test will only send email to the owner of the app is there are email tasks.

Run will execute it as usual.

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