Testing Window

The testing window that loads when you test out a workflow/automation has always been strange to me. The rows are 15 inches tall and mostly white space which makes it very difficult to scroll through and find what you’re looking for. Moreover, the logic almost always tends to find rows that don’t meet the criteria of your condition which is also very strange.

It would be great if it was presented in a regular-looking table format with rows that are < 1" tall and optimally with rows that meet the criteria of the condition.

Agreed! The row height is adjusted for each row based on wrapping of data in columns. Columns with a lot of data, such as long lists, result in very “tall” rows. On occasion, when the first rows is “tall” it appears as if no results are reported.

Please make the rows a “standard” row height that a user can increase if desired to see the wrapped data. Additionally, each cell within the results should allow scrolling to quickly view wrapped data without the need for expanding the row height.

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