Text a link to a single detail view record?

Hey guys I’m hoping to create a button to trigger a workflow on a Purchase Order record to text a url link to that vendor’s phone so they can view the Purchase Order detail view on a web browser.

Two things I’m wondering. I’ve tried the <<_ROW_WEB_URL>> in the text body and it works great but two issues.

How do I customize this to show a particular detail view which I only want the vendor to see?

How do I create permissions that allow the vendor to skip sign in only for this record and not be able to use the rest of the app?

Hope this is possible that would be awesome!

Not possible with one app that requires sign in. If you create a copy and host it separately using a publisher account, you can skip the sign in and show them a single detail view in that app by disabling slide show for that view.


Ok great idea thank you!

Any advice on the expression to link to that particular detail view?

Is the <<_ROW_WEB_URL>> the only option to create a URL to link to a specified detail view name and the record the action is triggered from?

You will have to inspect the URL to the view in the public app and compose that URL including the table, view, key etc. in the sign in app from where the SMS is triggered.