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Hello everyone, I hope someone can guide me, I have the following problem.

The peso signs enclosed in a blue box are action buttons, please omit them.

The fields that show price, in the summary as well as in the secondary heading, are two columns of type Price; but when they are like this, the secondary heading column (the one enclosed in red), is aligned to the right, leaving a huge space; but if I change the column type to decimal, the column lines up perfectly. The point here is that I need the column to be price type, but I can’t align it correctly.

This is wih decimal type column:

Thanks in advance!

This is a bug. @Mike_Moss, can you weigh in here?

Thanks !!

It was working perfectly, suddenly, this morning I saw it, for a moment I thought it was a mistake I made.

Thanks Steve.

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The bug is still present :frowning:

Still :frowning:

Please contact Support for help with this.


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