Text alignment on about app page

Hi, may I know how to make all text alignment centered on about app page?

There are no options for formatting the About page.

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Why Appsheet change the alignment, previously all text on about page is already centered by default. I hope Appsheet will provide option on text formatting on about page.


This is really odd… even documentation tutorial on AppSheet.com shows About page center aligned…

This looks like an oversight to me.

Bring the center alignment back to About page, please… left-aligned page looks ugly.


The left-alignment is a relatively recent change; the docs, etc. haven’t been updated to reflect it (yet?).

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This seems like a bug, not a change, Steve.

The entire purpose of AppSheet is multi-platform, multi-device approach and left-aligned About page just does not look right on any of the devices now…

Would AppSheet consider changing About page back to center aligned?

About page used to be a page you wanted to start the app from (we even have that specific option in the flow, so we can start with it), and now, with left alignment, it is a nuisance you want to hide, rather than show… and you can’t even hide it…

The main app image on the About page is center-aligned, the big button on the bottom is center-aligned, the small links in the footer are all center-aligned… and the text is not?

Brings the whole application down. ;(

P.S… at some random times the new layout pops up, where the main app image in the About page is shifted left (rather than being on the top) and the text is placed on the right of the image… but this layout is still less attractive than a simple center alignment, and it is inconsistent graphically.

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I agree with you. I dont see how Changing the About page and getting rid of the starting view has been any sort of improvement.


I get this layout from time to time… but I can’t figure what triggers it, as the same device being used in the same orientation may or may not trigger this layout…

If you make this consistent, AppSheet, this will still be better than left-aligned oddity.
However, center-alignment may still be a better option, in my opinion.

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No, it was quite intentional.